Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is perhaps the most traditional metal when it comes to choosing a wedding ring and gets its yellow colour by mixing pure gold with silver. Pure gold is too soft to be made into a ring and so it is mixed with an alloy to ensure its solidity. This is where the ‘carat’ value comes into it, with the higher the carat the higher the percentage of pure gold in the wedding ring. When choosing the colour of your wedding ring it is wise to consider what looks best against your skin tone and also if you want it to match the large majority of the other jewellery you wear, if you wear a lot of silver, you might want to match this with a platinum or white gold ring. On the other side though, one of the great advantaged of yellow gold wedding rings is that it can’t be mistaken for any other white metal, standing out on its own it couldn’t be anything but gold. There has been a shift in recent years with brides and grooms once again moving towards yellow gold wedding rings which offers a softer touch evoking memories of the romantics of the 19th century.

9ct Court Shape

18ct Court Shape

9ct Flat Court Shape

18ct Flat Court Shape

9ct D Shape

18ct D Shape

9ct Flat Shape

18ct Flat Shape