White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold wedding rings are made by mixing yellow gold with white alloys such as zinc or nickel which gives it its ‘white’ colouring. It is often then plated with rhodium to give it its hard, shiny surface. White gold is perhaps the most popular wedding ring with modern couples today for a variety of reasons. White gold is much easier to accessorize around so brides tend to choose this metal to match more naturally with their silver jewellery. If you have diamonds in your engagement ring it provides a wonderful complement to the stones. When choosing the colour of your wedding ring it is wise to consider what looks best against the tone of your skin, white gold is often favoured by people with a paler tone. If you are looking to wear a white metal wedding ring then white gold is less expensive that the other modern option, platinum. This is due to the scale at which each are mines, with much more gold recovered each year.

9ct Court Shape

18ct Court Shape

9ct Flat Court Shape

18ct Flat Court Shape

9ct D Shape

18ct D Shape

9ct Flat Shape

18ct Flat Shape