The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

It is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and one that you will remember above all others. It’s undeniable however that organising a wedding can be extremely hard work and unless you start delegating to friends and family members, you’ll soon end up worn out and exhausted.

Here’s Everything You Need For Your Perfect Day

Of course you are actually meant to enjoy your wedding day, so above all else make sure you start planning in plenty of time. Below is a checklist of some essentials that you should most certainly start thinking about sooner rather than later. Get these right, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

Stay organised

Half the battle when organising a wedding is to actually remain organised. If you know where you’re up to with things, who is in charge of different aspects of the day, and what needs doing next, you’re going to be in a much better position. Use a large folder to keep hold of all your paperwork in one place where it can be easily accessed.

Money, money, money

Weddings are not cheap and even if you go for the most conservative options, you’re going to find it hard not to spend thousands of pounds. Decide on an appropriate budget with all those involved and then stick to it. It is all too easy to allow a wedding budget to run out of control, so make sure you stay on top of spending.


Again, leaving plenty of time to get a wedding dress, bridesmaids’ outfits and suits organised will be a major help. And remember, if you have particular demands, then remember that everyone involved in creating the outfit will need to be aware of them. For example, if there is a certain style or shade of shoe that you’re looking for, then the dress designer will need to be aware of it before fittings can properly take place.


Check your dates, and then check them again! Once you have found the venues where you would like the wedding and reception to be held, make sure they are both available at the same time – unless they’re one and the same of course. There is no point booking a hotel if the church and the vicar are not free on that date.

Book the flowers and don’t forget the button holes!   

Making the wedding venue visually appealing is a massive part of the wedding and well-chosen flowers can make all the difference. If possible, get close friends or relatives to lend a hand – preferably someone with some interior design experience.

The emergency kit

Things never go quite to plan on big occasions, especially with weddings as there are so many people and personalities involved. Therefore, one great tip is to make sure that there is an ’emergency repair kit’ at the church or venue. This could include everything from hair clips and safety pins to spare corsages and tape. You might want to add in wet wipes, scissors, headache tablets and a bottle of water. The idea is to cover all the bases and do everything possible beforehand to make it easier to deal with problems if and when they arise.