Seasonal Spring Blooms for a Beautiful Bouquet

Everyone knows planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, but you can make things a lot easier for yourself by choosing seasonal decorations and ingredients that really come into their own at this time of year.

Think about it, if you’re creating your perfect wedding supper full of exotic ingredients that need to be imported or grown under special conditions, it’ll cost a lot more than a meal prepared using local British produce. And it’s the same with flowers.

Choosing blooms to decorate your venue and create your bouquet isn’t easy when there are so many beautiful varieties to choose from. So, here are some seasonal spring flowers that will be easy to get hold of in the UK, meaning they’ll save you money and look stunning at the same time.


The amaryllis is a beautiful trumpet-shaped flower, usually available in shades of red and pink with a white centre. Alternatively, they can be a pale colour with a much deeper-coloured heart. Often grown indoors from bulbs, these are available from early spring.

Calla Lilly

The calla is perhaps the most famous lily and the flower that first springs to mind when most people think of this plant. Simple yet supremely elegant, this would make a stunning table decoration with a bit of added greenery.


Carnations are a typical English bloom and look like a beautiful ball of scrunched up tissue paper. Available in shades of pink, red, peach and cream, they can also be two-toned with a different coloured ruffle around the edge.

Cherry Blossom

This is a small, simple yet delicate flower and perfectly encapsulates everything that is beautiful and fresh about springtime in the UK. Cherry blossom is a lovely soft pink shade and makes a super-pretty addition to any bouquet.


If you’ve having a spring wedding, what could be better than beautiful daffodils? Available in various shades of yellow and gold, they look beautiful teamed with smaller, creamy white blooms. Daffodils also work well with purple-blue flowers like cornflower to create a stunning contrast of colour.


Hydrangeas are large flowerheads made up of lots of tiny little blooms. Although they would be too large for a bouquet, they would make a striking centrepiece for a table or as part of the decorations around the venue. One of the most beautiful things about hydrangeas is their ability to change colour and the type of soil determines whether they are blue, mauve or pink.


The Nigella has been grown in English cottage gardens since Edwardian times and has delicate papery petals that come in shades of blue, purple and white. They are also known as ‘love in the mist’.

Oncidium Orchid

The oncidium orchid is the perfect choice for a bouquet if you want a waterfall of flowers, as it has pretty little yellow blooms that grow along its stems. These are bright and will add a little ray of sunshine to your bouquet.


There is nothing that says romance like a rose. Quintessentially English and classically beautiful, roses are available in almost every colour imaginable and make a beautiful addition to any bouquet or table decoration.


Stephanotis is a simple little star-shaped white flower. While you may not look at them and be instantly blown away, you will quickly see how beautiful they look when arranged into a bouquet, either as a large group on their own or as a subtle complement to more elaborate blooms. They also make great button holes.