Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings and bands have become very popular over the years and provide a great alternative to the more traditional gold ring. There are many benefits in choosing a platinum wedding ring which increasingly appeal to modern brides and grooms. Firstly, platinum is naturally white in colour, so whereas white gold wedding rings require a plating to achieve its appearance, this is not the case with platinum rings. The advantage of this is that if it does get scratched there will be no discolouration and it will not need re-plating. However, platinum wedding rings are extremely tough and durable, which increases their popularity as they can endure a great deal of wear and tear without diminishing their appearance. Should platinum get scratched none of the precious metal is lost. Unlike gold, which breaks away, the platinum is simply displaced to another part of the ring causing what is known as a ‘patina finish’. The effect of this is to give the ring an antique appearance which in itself can be highly desired. The good news is though, should you not want to adopt the ‘well worn’ look, a platinum wedding ring can be restored to its near new appearance by a good polishing.

Court Shape

Flat Court Shape

D Shape

Flat Shape