Five Original Ideas For Wedding Invitations

When it comes to organising a wedding, there is so much to consider. In addition to the many preparations, which often take at least a year to complete, there is also the cost to consider. You should work out your budget prior to any of the planning and aim to stick to it. Sometimes, that may mean that you have to be a little creative with some of the preparations, which is no bad thing. After all, no-one wants their wedding to be identical to everyone else’s. With that in mind, here are five original ideas for wedding invitations, to help you put your own personal stamp on your wedding.


Your wedding is all about you as a couple. It’s your special day and therefore it’s only right that you are both the centre of attention throughout the ceremony and at the reception party. Therefore, an easy and personal theme for your wedding invitations could be simply a photograph of you and your partner. If your wedding is going to be very traditional, you may prefer to print the photograph in black and white. Whereas if you’re planning a wedding on the beach, you could have your photo printed in bold bright hues to fit in with the day.

Front page magazine

This is a great idea if you’re planning an enormous bash for your wedding. Unlock the celebrity within you and design your wedding invitations as if you and your partner have made the front page of a magazine. It’s very easy to complete such a design online nowadays as there are many pre-made templates so all you have to do is replace your names and maybe add a photo.

Map it out

If you’re more of a visual person and prefer to see pictures and diagrams than a chunk of writing, you could design your invitation in the shape of a map. On the map you can highlight where the ceremony and reception are taking place and you can incorporate your wedding theme by use of colour.


Many happy couples like to go abroad to get married. If you’re intending to be married on the beach in front of your loved ones, why not make the invitations out of postcards for the area. You can customise them further by sticking on shells to the front. This type of invitation will highlight the casual, relaxed, down to earth nature of your wedding. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the invitations for them to look great and be memorable.

Recorded message

There is no established rule to say that wedding invitations must be handwritten on a piece of card. You could go one step further and make your invitations super personal by recording a message inviting your guests to the wedding. Or if you’re into music in a big way, you can make a mix of different love songs, cleverly interspersing the invitation so that when your guests listen to the cd, they will hear the message loud and clear.

Remember, it’s your wedding, so you can make the invitations as personal or as wedding-theme related as you like. It’s your decision. Follow the above ideas to make your invites unique to you.