Fabulous hair accessories to complement your wedding dress

No matter how much you gush about your wedding venue, the delicious meal you’re serving up to your guests or how amazing your honeymoon will be, there’s no getting away from the fact that one of the most important aspects of tying the knot is your dress and hair. I know it’s about getting hitched with the man you love and celebrating with your family and friends, but I don’t think any woman can deny they want to look perfect!

Finding a great wedding dress isn’t easy and even when you do, you’ve got to think about how to accessorise it. Will your hair be up or down? Straight or ringlets? Tiara or veil – or both?! These days, you’ve got plenty of resources to give you a helping hand, such as bridal magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. But to be honest, I find them a little overwhelming. There are so many pictures out there that you start to confuse yourself and then you really don’t know what to do.

If this is a problem you’re having in the run up to the big day, read this simple guide to accessories to complement your beautiful wedding dress.


This is obviously the most traditional of bridal accessories. Traditionally, veils were symbolic and covered the face of virgin brides as they walked down the aisle. However, in modern weddings veils are often worn purely for decorative purposes and will usually not cover the bride’s face.

These days you can experiment with all sorts of different shapes – check out the 1920s-inspired cap veil worn by Kate Moss to marry Jamie Hince, or consider a veil with a scalloped lace detailing around the bottom.


Tiaras are the perfect choice if you really want to feel like a princess for a day. I think these look best if you wear your hair up, because they’ll stand out more and really sparkle, especially if you have dark hair. Although Kate Middleton wore both a tiara and a veil on her big day I think it’s worth remembering she was marrying into royalty and had billions of people around the world watching her say “I do”. Generally, I would say a tiara and a veil is too much, so just choose one.


If you’re wearing your hair down and are planning a more laid back occasion you can’t go wrong with a few flowers in your hair. Some delicate little daisies woven into plaits with your hair tumbling down over your shoulders in gentle waves will look natural and beautiful, especially if the flowers match those used in the decorations at the venue.


Obviously fascinators are something generally worn by wedding guests rather than the bride, but when I say fascinators, I don’t mean mini hats with 3-foot high intricate decorations. Instead, I mean a decorative hairband that sits on the side of the head and is decorated with a sophisticated arrangement of diamonds, flowers or feathers.

These work well with both down or up-dos and are perfect if you don’t want a veil, but are keen to avoid the cliché-princess look that is sometimes associated with tiaras.

Hair Pins

However you wear your hair when you get married, it’s likely there’ll be a few Kirby grips holding your ‘do in place. But if you want a low-key, simple look then adding a few decorative pins could be the way to go. You can either go for pins with a pearl on the end and dot them all over an up-do for a very elegant look, or pin back your hair with diamante grips that will sparkle on top of your curls.