5 Favourite Wedding Proposals

Hands up if you’re hoping that your man will pop the question this Year? You’ve probably dreamed about your perfect wedding since being a little girl, but have you ever considered what your perfect proposal would be?

Here are five of my favourite wedding proposals of all time. NB: don’t expect all of them to be romantic – guys are only human after all!

He proposed on the X-Factor

Samantha Hallam auditioned for the X-Factor. While she was singing her heart out in front of the judges and live audience, her boyfriend was gearing himself up back stage to propose. He walked onto the stage and the music was switched. The audience gasped as he got down on one knee and asked Samantha to marry him. Luckily for him, she said yes – it would have been a little embarrassing otherwise. I think my favourite part of the entire proposal though, had to be Tulisa’s comment afterwards: “Well after that, it has to be a yes from me”. Watch the full video here.

She arranged her own marriage proposal

This truly heart-warming story is of Matt’s proposal to his girlfriend Ashley. Working at a top hotel, she had no idea that her boyfriend had booked a room there to propose to her. Creating a fake name and email address, he liaised directly with Ashley to confirm the details of the proposal. She set up the room with flowers and petals, and a record player. Matt tells the viewers that on the first day he met Ashley, she told him that the man who played Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” on a record player would be the man she would marry.

Ashley knocks on the door of the room to bring dessert and Matt puts on the song. She was definitely the most shocked girlfriend ever but the sheer thoughtfulness of his proposal is enough to bring even the most strong-willed of people to tears; me? I was sobbing like a baby.

Romance gone wrong

When Caroline’s boyfriend chooses to propose to her in a food court, things don’t look great. It’s not until you learn that they both met there a year ago that it becomes a little more romantic. He tells her everything he loves about her, while lookers-on cheer and clap. Then a hired group of musicians play “Sweet Caroline” while he serenades her.

Everything’s looking rosy (especially her cheeks), until he gets down on one knee. That’s when his sweet Caroline puts her head in her hands and runs away, leaving him at the mercy of passers-by. It’s got to be the most awkwardly embarrassing proposal ever.

Someone else pops the question

What comes to mind when you think of a marriage proposal? I’m willing to bet that you imagine two people alone, in a romantic setting – am I right? Well how would you feel if your boyfriend proposed to you at a ball game? It’s not exactly romantic is it? But here’s the deal breaker – he doesn’t actually say the words “will you marry me?” – The commentator announces them instead. Cue a full blown argument, her hitting him in embarrassment and finally running out of the stadium; it’s not exactly what you expect to happen when you propose to the love of your life, is it?

She tells him they’re getting married

I thought I’d end on a funny note. In this particular marriage proposal, it’s the girl telling him that they will get married. He shouts back that he doesn’t want to marry her and they have an argument, which ends with him bursting into tears. Are any alarm bells ringing yet? That’s right, the reason this proposal is so funny is because it’s between two children. All the while, the boy’s mother is videoing the exchange. I wish I could be there at his actual wedding when the video is shown again – it’s bound to be hilarious.

What’s your favourite wedding proposal video? Does it beat any of the above videos?